Upcoming Webinar: Timing in Horary Astrology

RubiCon IV Wade Caves adI’m excited to share that I will be offering a webinar this Sunday on timing techniques in horary astrology, offered by Nina Gryphon’s RubiCon project. Timing was a difficult subject for me to grasp early on in my horary career. I approached it a bit too mechanically and without enough organic interaction with the symbolism borne out in the chart. After a combination of techniques that I learned from my mentor Deborah Houlding and two years’ time spent with Dr. Experience, I’ve found myself inspired by a host of reliable approaches to timing that consistently deliver the goods. This presentation is meant to share those insights, demonstrating how they can be seen working vividly in historical examples and how easily they can be applied today. I have provided the below soundbite as a summary for the talk:

“Timing in Horary Astrology.” Horary textbooks cover a lot of ground, but few really draw out the mechanics involved in assessing cycles to create a solid timeline of events. What techniques are consistently recorded? Are they all equally reliable? Is there a more straightforward approach that can be taken? This presentation analyzes modern and historical horary charts to demonstrate an organic approach to timing that underlines the ongoing cycles speaking to us in horary consultation.

Registration is easy and fairly inexpensive. Visit RubiCon or RubiCon’s registration page to learn more. Hope to see you there, and come with questions — always better to learn together!

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    1. Hi Sofia. The webinar runs from 12:00pm (noon) to 1:30pm PST and is approximately 75 minutes long with a 15-minute window for questions. The great thing about RubiCon’s lecture platform is that they record the presentation, and send to all enrollees — so you don’t have to actually be available during the lecture time to register for the webinar.

  1. WOW that sounds great I signed up for your class  as soon as I read the e-mail !!! As you know It is an area of Astrology  that I am so interested in Look forward to hearing you All the Best Lisa

  2. Hi Wade, how long after class is over before the recorded version is sent out to participants? I might sign up but will be unable to attend the live event on Sunday.Thank you!

    1. Hi Katie! You’ll certainly receive the link within a week of the talk. I once signed up for a RubiCon talk as an audience member and received my link the next day. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live event — the whole thing will be recorded, and I’m always available for questions by email if you have them & cannot ask during the live stream.

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