International Astrology Day 2016Come celebrate International Astrology Day with the San Francisco Astrological Society, this Sunday, March 20! This year’s theme is Relationships & Love. My friend and colleague, Jessica Lanyadoo of Love Lanyadoo, will be speaking on Couples Counseling and Astrology. In this talk Jessica will explore how to use astrology to counsel couples so that they can honor themselves and each other. We will explore tools for counseling two people at once, which requires us to effectively interpret the things that are most driving in each individual and in the relationship. We will be focusing on how to identify the most useful points and synthesize the information into a useful conversation for both parties in a couple.

I’ll be providing a lecture as well, entitled “Love & Conception: Exploring Relationship Issues through Horary.” The bread and butter of a horary astrologer’s practice, relationship questions are not technically difficult but can offer unique challenges in consultation. As astrologers, how do we take what we see in a chart and turn that into something meaningful for a client? What are the common pitfalls in relationship chart consultation, and how can we allow the astrology to work through us in a clearer, more direct way? In this presentation we will assess horaries relating to relationships and pregnancy to see reliable first principles at work, with a focus on the pragmatic nature of interpersonal counseling.

The day will close with a Queer Astrology Roadshow, facilitated by Ian Waisler, president of SFAS.

Register here to join us for a fun and engaging International Astrology Day. Hope to see you there!

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