Below is a topographical list of the articles featured on, in alphabetical order.

Historical Interest.
The Life of England’s Merlin – A short biography on one of the most influential astrologers of the 17th century, William Lilly. »
Lilly’s “Epistle to the Student of Astrology” – Lilly’s moving introduction to his massively influential 1647 text, Christian Astrology. »

Horary Astrology.
A Homeowner’s “Sell or Stay” Quandry – An astrological judgment on a horary concerning a querent’s property. Is it financially better to hold onto her property for a few more years, or sell now while the market’s hot? »
An Ex-pat’s Dilemma – Initially a financial concern, consulting with the querent exposed deeper concerns of homeland and foreign ventures. »
Restoring Network Connectivity: An Exercise in Timing – A simple yet effective demonstration of timing techniques in an everyday situation. »
Will we get back together? – A featured judgment from Wade Caves’ case files. »