Articles by Wade

Articles on Horary, Elections and Astrological History

Historical Interest

The Life of England's Merlin

A short biography on one of the most influential astrologers of the 17th century, William Lilly.

Lilly's "Epistle to the Student of Astrology"

Lilly's moving introduction to his massively influential 1647 text, Christian Astrology.

Horary Astrology

 A Homeowner’s “Sell or Stay” Quandry

An astrological judgment on a horary concerning a querent's property. Is it financially better to hold onto her property for a few more years, or sell now while the market's hot?

 An Ex-pat's Dilemma

Initially a financial concern, consulting with the querent exposed deeper concerns of homeland and foreign ventures.

Restoring Network Connectivity: An Exercise in Timing

A simple yet effective demonstration of timing techniques in an everyday situation.

Will we get back together?

A featured judgment from Wade Caves' case files.