Guest on Astrology Hub – Podcast Ep 32 

29 Jun 2019 – Using Astrology to Answer Your Most Urgent and Important Life Questions.
I talk with Amanda Poole-Walsh from Astrology Hub about the benefits of horary astrology and how I help clients move from confusion to clarity.

Interview with Astrology University

17 Jul 2018 – I talk to Tony Howard from Astrology University about my background in astrology, why Horary is such an important branch of astrology and how astrologers can use the technique in their own practice.

Interview on Astrology Hub TV

22 Jun 2018 – Horary Astrology: Helping You Answer Real Life Questions with Horary Astrologer, Wade Caves
I talk with Amanda Poole-Walsh from Astrology Hub TV about the importance of horary astrology and the best steps to take to learn the technique.

Interview with The Astrological Association Student Corner

7 April 2018 – A Conversation with Wade Caves.
A casual conversation about my journey with horary astrology, how the 9th house ruler may play into your practice, and where your 

Interview with International Academy of Astrology

7 Mar 2016 – Breaking Down the Border-4 talks to Wade Caves

On Questions – A Horary Podcast

Back in 2015 Nina Gryphon, Rhyan Butler and myself recorded a weekly podcast answering horary questions from posts in our Facebook group. You can listen to all 20 episodes here.