Open Call: Part-time Admin Assistant

Quick Summation.
Seeking part-time admin assistant. Must be comfortable with modern means of communication u0026amp; online work, engaged with social media, and efficient. Flexi-time u0026amp; location (i.e., can be done remotely). Approximately 8 hours a week to start, will grow over time. Weekly payrate to be negotiated.

In the past two years, the landscape of my professional astrological practice changed, and with that came a new assortment of competing priorities. The time has come for me to seek outside help in the form of a part-time admin assistant.

Here’s what I know. I have a lot on. I’ve just immigrated into a new country (visa secured in December 2018). I’ve recently taken a full-time job in a new industry, whilst building a start-up from scratch on the side (incorporated in January 2019). Managing and sustaining growth in my astrological practice has become a challenge to do alone, and I’m not happy with how much I’ve allowed to fall through the cracks while I attempt to spin all these other plates. Here’s where you come in.

I need help:
– managing my inboxes, calendars and website;
– facilitating timely responses to clients, students and other correspondents;
– optimising my schedule to ensure everything gets done at a swift (but reasonable) pace;
– implementing and managing an existing social media plan;
– holding me to established time-tables for media efforts (publishing, etc.);
– running admin on event organisation;
– bookkeeping (light work on this front);
– organising travel and accommodations for conferences and events; and,
– tackling ad-hoc requests as they arise.

I’d estimate roughly 8 hours per week of active work, with room for that to grow in future. In some areas, you’ll be actively doing or facilitating; in others, you’ll simply be helping me stay accountable to myself, my clients and my students.

For us both to be successful in this arrangement, we’ll need to set expectations of each other early on. I’ll be seeking your expectations of me, as this is a two-way relationship. For now, I can share that I’m looking for someone with the following qualifications:
– excellent time management and communication skills;
– demonstrated history of working with and for others in some capacity;
– comfort with receiving and acting on what may be concise direction (i.e., I don’t like to micromanage — a proactive attitude and the ability to infer what needs to be done where not explicitly outlined is going to be key);
– technical skill and savvy with, or willingness to learn, various online platforms for web and social (e.g., WordPress, Eventbrite, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube);
– experience working in MS Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), and bonus points to those with experience in Adobe design suites (primarily Photoshop);
– unimpeachable character (you will be connecting clients to me, many of whom will be in quite a vulnerable position — an uncompromising commitment to confidentiality is non-negotiable); and,
– a willingness to challenge me when I am in danger of letting timelines slip (don’t underestimate how much I will need this in the beginning).

If you feel like you’re very strong at a few of the items above, don’t let a lack of experience in the other areas stop you from applying.

This line of work will bring you into the world of a working astrological consultant with a matured client base, which could be quite valuable if you are or want to be an astrological practitioner, or if you nurse a natural curiosity for how the esoteric community operates.

But let’s talk more direct forms of compensation. We will negotiate a weekly rate on an estimated 5 to 8 hours worked per week, and for all events you admin, you will earn 10% of net profits. I have established targets at monthly and quarterly intervals. I believe in profit sharing models; if our work together helps me to exceed these targets, you get a cut of that. You will be entitled to a significantly reduced rate for consultations with me, and if there are any extendable community discounts that I can pass on to you (e.g., plus ones at conferences that come with discounted registration rates), they’re yours. And if there’s ever a chance for me to help you in your astrological career, you’ll have that from me as well.

The successful applicant will be asked to trial a 90-day probationary window to ensure the match is a good fit for us both. After 6 months of a successful working relationship (we’ll define what that means for us when we begin your on-boarding), you will have the option to expand your PA role to include work with one of my astrological mentors (and close personal friend) who is also looking for administrative support.

Experience has confirmed the adage that there are four phases of building a high-octane team: forming, storming, norming, performing. In the beginning, there’ll be a learning curve for us both. But I’m fairly tenacious, and I will assume you are too. We should be transitioning from storming into norming within the first 90 days, and performing by the 6-month mark.

Interested? Have experience and skill in some or all of the areas outlined above? Fill in the form linked below and let’s get a conversation going.