STA Course: Astronomy for Astrologers


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STA Course: Astronomy for Astrologers, commencing October 2022.

20 in stock


Dates: Wed 12 Oct to Mon 21 Nov. Classes held virtually over six weeks, on Wednesdays at 1pm EDT. For more information, view the ASTR A001 Prospectus.

There can be nothing more valuable to the dedicated astrologer than a firm grounding in foundational astronomy. In this course, you will learn how we measure motion and position in the heavens, build proficiency in calculation, and be invited to consider the philosophical implications made when dividing the sky using this technique vs that. Instructional elements of this course open a door to the past, affording glimpses into the lives, contributions, and methods of astronomy’s master disciples like Ptolemy (2nd c.), Al-Biruni (11th c.), Copernicus (16th c.), and Kepler (17th c.). By the end of this course, you will be able to calculate a chart by hand with nothing more than an ephemeris and a table of houses.


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