A great big thank you for your consult. It is remarkable how right on all of your perceptions are… The light you have been able to shed with the use of horary has greatly inspired me to forge ahead with study and practice. This can be so helpful for people. I really cannot tell you how impressed I am! … I want to thank you again and encourage you. You truly have much much skill and charisma in astrology and teaching, this is so needed in this crazy world. I hope you continue for many years to benefit people. Also the depth of compassion you have makes it a truly special gift to be shared.

– Karyn, USA.

I have to tell you how impressed I am with your ability to interpret and tell the story of a chart. It is not an easy thing to do and you do it exceptionally well. … Thank you, Wade, for your guidance and shining light into what seems to be an indecipherable situation. … I really can’t thank you enough for your patience and caring and careful consideration. I am definitely a client for life and will absolutely recommend you to my friends. You really are an exceptionally skilled and talented astrologer.

– Crystal, USA.

Wow, fantastic reading, thank you Wade!! How nice that we have similar angles, that explains some of why it feels great to talk to you, you understand what I am trying to do and I get your learning pointers. From talking to you and seeing how you delineate a chart and the patience that you have in answering my follow up questions, I would very much consider learning from you… You are a STAR in the making!!

– Myriam, UK.

It’s not an easy task to find someone who has his fellow mans best wishes at the forefront of his practice. Wade is a genuine person and not only exceptional at horary but has a kind and caring nature. Honesty along with proactive advice is so helpful. He deserves every excellent review he is going to receive here as I believe that is the reward for such a humble human being.
You may not like what you hear or maybe you do but sure as the earth is round wade can look beyond that. Enjoy your experience!

– Daithi C. USA.

I have been studying and practising astrology for over 20 years, have a certificate of Astrology from the Faculty of Astrological studies in London and have studied with numerous astrologers. Wade blew me away with his knowledge and abilities. It is hard for the layman to understand how complex astrology is. It is extremely complex and requires a combination of intelligence, analytical ability and years and years of intense practice. Wade has these all in shovels. Not to mention the fact that he is a very thoughtful, kind and sensitive person. I needed Wade for an election chart for my startup. This is a chart that decides on an ideal date for an event, be it incorporation or a wedding. We came up with three ideal dates that complimented my chart and my partner’s chart. Wade also helped me with a professional question I had by casting a Horary/Question chart. His analysis helped me reach my decision with great clarity. I cannot wait to take my next astrology course with him, I know he will teach me a lot!

– Stephanie, USA.

Just a personal note of appreciation for everything. You have been a joy to connect with and I look forward to working with you on some more in-depth one on one consultations. You are quite an accomplished astrologer, and I love your very heartfelt and conscious approach. … You are a very talented astrologer and your positive spirit, bright light and good cheer have meant so much to me on this journey. … Thank you for your support with the horary chart — it was a great help and encouragement to me in my darkest hour. … Just yesterday a major NY publishing house found my social media profile and sought me out as a remote telecommute book editor. It’s not a full salary to replace the current one but a step in the direction indicated by the chart readings. I am on my way with a huge THANK YOU! … The synchronicity of your chart readings; the emergence of this opportunity out of the blue is quite interesting. I am fascinated how these events are reflected in the planets.

– Catherine, USA.

Wade is an amazing astrologer on many levels. First of all, he is incredibly skilled and gifted in his astrological knowledge and expertise. He is also able to explain it in layman’s terms. No astro-babble. Secondly, he cares. Many astrologers are in a rush to give you their answer. Wade makes it a point to interact and have a genuine discussion. It’s very clear that he wants the best for his clients and will go that extra yard to make sure whatever he proposes “fits” for them.
In my case, I had an electional reading, and he was happily willing to keep going back to find a good date that worked with my proposed time frame and with astrology. And lastly, he has a lot of patience for questions. I don’t know of any astrologers that do, or that have Wade’s client focus. I enjoyed my session with him immensely and he is now my go-to electional astrologer. I can highly recommend him.

– Vivian M, USA.

Wade’s horary astrology readings are like waking up Christmas morning when you’re 5 years old. There is a magic in it, there is the joy of anticipation because you know it’s going to reveal something very true and real wrapped in compassion and laughter, and as far as I’m concerned that is the best present ever. There are times when being a
human being and making decisions is really quite challenging and Wade not only makes this easier but he also brings greater understanding to the various dynamics playing out in and around the situation.
His horary readings helped me to wisely navigate through a year of what felt like crossroads, crisis and conflicting desires. He has practical, down-to-earth advise and he’s very clear in his interpretation of what the planets are communicating. I didn’t want to heed or follow some of his advise but as I watched my life unfold everything that he said was true and this helped me to make a decision that is a moving forward kind, aligned with my heart. I have a deep love and respect for Wade. I tell ya’ he’s a really lovely human being and he’s awesome at his craft!

– Lara H, Collingwood, Canada.

I was amazed at how insightful Wade’s horary interpretation was and at horary astrology in general. He was spot-on about what was happening, and clearly a very talented astrologer. His explanation of the chart really helped me understand the situation and I can’t recommend him highly enough! Also, it was evident that Wade really cares about the client, really wants to help you understand the horary and really cares about the work he does. If you have never asked a horary question before and there is something you REALLY need to know, you should absolutely consult Wade because the accuracy will FREAK YOU OUT.

– June W, USA.

Wade is a truly lovely guy and an incredibly talented astrologer.  My consultation with him gave me a whole new perspective on ongoing work and life dilemmas at a critical moment, as well as a fresh insight into who and how I am.  He answered my many questions with genuine care, real thoughtfulness and remarkable attention to detail.  Now I feel better equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.  Beneath Wade’s easygoing, generous, wise manner is a nuclear astrological brain: he really knows his stuff.  Wade’s immense astrological knowledge combined with his huge warm, open heart and sincere desire to serve guarantee a thought-provoking, very worthwhile and fun experience – I highly recommend it.

Leena C, London, UK.