Below are testimonial extracts from actual client interactions.

A great big thank you for your consult. It is remarkable how right on all of your perceptions are… The light you have been able to shed with the use of horary has greatly inspired me to forge ahead with study and practice. This can be so helpful for people. I really cannot tell you how impressed I am! … I want to thank you again and encourage you. You truly have much much skill and charisma in astrology and teaching, this is so needed in this crazy world. I hope you continue for many years to benefit people. Also the depth of compassion you have makes it a truly special gift to be shared.

– Karyn, US. March 2016.

I have to tell you how impressed I am with your ability to interpret and tell the story of a chart. It is not an easy thing to do and you do it exceptionally well. … Thank you, Wade, for your guidance and shining light into what seems to be an indecipherable situation. … I really can’t thank you enough for your patience and caring and careful consideration. I am definitely a client for life and will absolutely recommend you to my friends. You really are an exceptionally skilled and talented astrologer.

– Crystal, US. May 2015.

Wow, fantastic reading, thank you Wade!! How nice that we have similar angles, that explains some of why it feels great to talk to you, you understand what I am trying to do and I get your learning pointers. From talking to you and seeing how you delineate a chart and the patience that you have in answering my follow up questions, I would very much consider learning from you… You are a STAR in the making!!

– Myriam, UK. May 2015.

Just a personal note of appreciation for everything. You have been a joy to connect with and I look forward to working with you on some more in-depth one on one consultations. You are quite an accomplished astrologer, and I love your very heartfelt and conscious approach. … You are a very talented astrologer and your positive spirit, bright light and good cheer have meant so much to me on this journey. … Thank you for your support with the horary chart — it was a great help and encouragement to me in my darkest hour. … Just yesterday a major NY publishing house found my social media profile and sought me out as a remote telecommute book editor. It’s not a full salary to replace the current one but a step in the direction indicated by the chart readings. I am on my way with a huge THANK YOU! … The synchronicity of your chart readings & the emergence of this opportunity out of the blue is quite interesting. I am fascinated how these events are reflected in the planets.

– Catherine, US. March 2015.