You deserve to

reach your potential.

Astrology can improve the quality and impact of your actions. Where would greater clarity take you?

Deeper meaning

Every civilization in every age has invested in the wisdom tradition of the stars, both for its predictive value, and its ability to unveil the hidden workings of Nature herself.

Better decisions

Astrology can clear out the noise and identify the qualitative roots of your situation, so you can better align your intentions, your effort and your results.

Astrology offers you greater



Time-honoured techniques to help you achieve clarity about your situation,
bring viable options into focus, and maximise the good in your outcomes.

Want to learn astrology?
Study with me.

Learn the skills you need to practice and teach the art of astrology effectively through independent, structured study. I can be of most benefit to those with interest in my areas of expertise:

  • Traditional astrology (with an emphasis on cross-era literacy)

  • Modern psychological astrology
  • Powerful specialist techniques, like horary, elections and timing
  • History of astrology’s development

Astrology out and about

Regularly updated content

Webinar: Outer planets

This webinar opens a 4-part series demonstrating a traditionally-coherent approach with the outer planets. Recording available to registrants. Donate to register.

An interesting historical chart

Heard of the Great Boston Molasses Flood? Perhaps you know it by its other names – the Boston Molasses Disaster, or the Molasses Massacre.

Private tutoring

An opportunity to unpack principles of astrological theory and rhythms of practice. These sessions are guided by your interests.

What my clients say

Feedback from verified clients – more on my    profile

“Client for life!”

I was truly impressed at Wade’s ability to make connections with the current transits and my natal chart, highlighting some very on-point life issues for me in a meaningful and extremely helpful way. It was clear to me that Wade carries a huge depth and breadth of knowledge about astrology, psychology and mythology and that he is so insightfully able to pull those themes together in a truly meaningful way when looking at a natal chart. It feels that we covered so much ground together in one hour… I highly, highly recommend that you seek a consultation with Wade.

Teresa, United Kingdom

“Honored, seen”

Having consulted with quite a few different astrologers over the years, I can say with satisfaction and confidence that Wade’s services are an absolute treasure. I feel honored, seen and renewed after our discussion this morning. I will definitely be recommending him first and foremost as THE astrologer to book with should anyone inquire about such things with me. I can’t speak highly enough about his professional, personable attitude, depth of knowledge, and ability to discuss personal matters with an empathy that put me at ease. Thank you Wade.

Jason, USA

“Deep honesty”

Wade’s technique is solid and his desire to help is genuine. I felt like I was in the hands of a true master, whose desire is not to show off but to be present and to be attuned to the my needs. I’m a queer biracial person of colour experiencing difficulties at work and in relationships, and it was important for me to work with an astrologer who was caring but also who told me the chart’s truths as they were laid out, from a place of respect and support as well as deep honesty and sound application of classical techniques. Would give 11 stars if I could.

Angelita, Singapore

Bring anything.

After ten years of practice, I’ve just about seen it all.

Relationships, interpersonal conflicts, property, career, transactions, negotiating contracts, dream analysis, locating missing things or pets, selecting dates – you name it, I’ve helped clients resolve it before.

And I’ve been trusted to present my work with reputable conferences, schools, organisations and publishers within the astrological community.


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You’ve done a lot without astrology’s help.
Imagine how far you’ll go with a little divine inspiration.