When scheduling a consultation, please include your name; date, time and place of birth (as exact as possible); any information you’re hoping to discuss in the consultation; what type of service you are requesting; any other pertinent information you find relevant, or questions you may have.

Payment methods.

Ideally, payment will be conducted through cash, check, PayPal/Venmo or bank transfer. Contact for other payment options. With the exception of a horary consultation, payment should be finalised before the start of the consultation. Contact Wade for more details about rates, cancellations or requests for rescheduling.

Horary consultation.

Horary astrology is my field of specialisation, the divinatory branch of astrology that concerns itself with the answering of questions. If the question is meaningful, of deep personal interest, and your business to know, horary technique can serve to better illuminate the past, offer a clear explanation of the present and better prepare you for what’s to come. Example questions that can be put to horary:

– Will we get married? / Does this relationship have potential?
– Is this house worth the investment? / Will we close on time, and what potential issues might we face?
– Where is my passport? / Will I be able to safely travel abroad this year?
– Will I win the lawsuit? / Will we enter into this contract to our mutual benefit?
– Will I get pregnant this year? / What will my baby’s gender be?
– Will I be healthy this year? / What is the nature of this current illness?

While horary astrology has an element of prediction to it, it ought to only be employed when there is a need to resolve (not merely predict) and intent to receive celestial guidance. Most importantly — don’t feel any pressure to force your situation into a perfectly worded question. What matters in the consultation is the heart’s intent. Providing the details of your natal chart is encouraged as this can be helpful and illuminating, but not required. £75 GBP per question. Estimated wait time: 2 business days (rush available if noted). Email consultations only at present.

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Electional consultation.

Electional astrology deals with the selection of optimal dates for particular occasions: weddings, surgeries, the beginning of a business, relocation and moving, starting a new job or job search, etc. These types of consultations generally take more pre-work, but the consultation itself will be quick and provide you with a weighted list of ideal times for your new enterprise. Providing details for a natal chart is strongly encouraged, but if unavailable there are workarounds. £175 GBP per election.

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Year Ahead forecasting consultation.

Utilising centuries-honoured techniques, we will identify what astrological signatures and themes have been recently active and which are stepping forward in the coming year, including information on how you can best lean into them to make the most of your year. Complete birth details (exact time, date and city) are required for accurate results. £195 per natal chart.

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Private tutoring.

Now introducing private tutoring sessions, held either on Skype, telephone, or by email. Tutoring sessions are entirely guided by you, and I’m happy to cover any of the following: horary, elections, medical astrology (including decumbiture), natal astrology (including forecasting techniques), mundane astrology (including Aries ingress and eclipse chart judgments, etc.). If you would like to explore a topic not listed, email me directly and I will confirm whether or not I’m the right person to assist in your learning. £75 GBP per hour — time spent is entirely client-directed and scheduled at the client’s convenience.

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